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List Tengying said: “It took me a long time to grow this bamboo, but as my strength improved, my effect on Paripesa became less and less. If Brother Shen needs it, then Go, anyway, I want to leave here, go to the human world. The value of Ying’s high-level spirit fruits and mysterious beast pills exceeds that of this colorful spirit bamboo. This is why Chen Xiang wants Teng Ying to stay more at ease in Taiwumen. After putting the colorful spirit bamboo into the Youyao ring, Chen Xiang asked: “Teng Ying, have you been to the depths of this ancient spirit land?” “No, the depths are very dangerous. I will definitely die if I go in. Although I don’t know what’s inside, my intuition tells me that going in with my current strength is just courting death.” Teng Ying could clearly feel the danger in the depths. Chen Xiang followed Teng Ying to the top of a high mountain. Looking down, there were patches of high mountains shrouded in clouds and mist, and he couldn’t see anything below. “Now my flashscores are looking for a place where they are, which is on the verge of danger. There is a boundary here. As long as you step inside, it is equivalent to stepping into someone else’s territory.” Teng Ying looked into the distance solemnly. Although Tengying is an ancient beast, it just fell in the room, its growth rate is slow, and its strength is limited, just like Long Xueyi’s poker, if Long Xuechelsayi hadn’t met Chen Xiang, the road to growth would definitely be very difficult Ups and downs, and even fall into the hands of others. While Chen Xiang was chatting with Teng Ying, there was a slight tremor, but Chen Xiang could tell that the tremor came from that dangerous place.

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