Aoshi Danshen Chapter Nairabet7affiliate49 Selection

La Liga Volume Three Volume Three Contents: The silent thief Chen Xiang now understands why people can be tossed into lunatics here. This kind of false and real illusion is very unbearable. What’s more, he is still refining alchemy, not to mention refining unfamiliar alchemy, even if he is familiar with refining, it is difficult to refine well in this environment. He felt that even if all the female affiliates he knew were stripped naked, he would be able to calm down and practice alchemy, but now this disgusting thing that is rotten and half-dead… is approaching step by step. The most terrible thing is that there are more and more, and there are more types. He is not afraid of it, but he feels very disgusted. “It’s coming, what should I do?” Long Xueyi asked. If it was a real thing, Shen Xiang could kill one with one punch, but this is all an illusion, if he makes a move, he will be fooled, but if he doesn’t make a move, these disgusting things might crawl on him, think about it I feel uncomfortable. “Get out of here.” Chen Xiang still couldn’t help but hit the old man Chen Xiang who came over first with a palm. After the head was hit by a palm, a green sticky object exploded, splashing all over his body. yes. “Is this true?” Chen Xiang’s eyes widened, he could now clearly feel the sauce-like thing Paripesa sticking to his body, and it was still slowly staying. “Illusion, your five senses are rumbled by the illusion, that’s why you feel it’s real, hold back the Spinmatic, don’t make any more moves.” Long Xueyi said. Chen Xiang’s body trembled, he closed his eyes, and shouted in his heart: “Be patient…” Just when he was determined to be patient no matter what happened, suddenly crawled behind him

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