Aoshidan Bet9ja God Chapter 704 betting three soul fusion

Although the Poison Beast Demon God wants Chen Xiang to give him a happy leap, he doesn’t want to die at all in his heart. He has been imprisoned here for so long by Zhenmo Tianzun, his flashscore contains resentment, and he has very strong Spinmatic strength, As long as he is alive for a day, it is possible to turn the tables. He said that because he thought that Chen Xiang couldn’t kill him at all, even the Demon-Suppressing Heavenly Venerable couldn’t kill him, let alone Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang stood on a huge monument, looking down at the monster below who was laughing loudly at him. “Why don’t you come? I still don’t dare to come down and get close to me.” The Poison Beast Demon God has been bored for so long, it’s rare that there is a living person here now, and he is the heir selected by Pragmatic Play after a lot of painstaking efforts and time. Thinking that Chen Xiang would be here with him for countless years, he smiled even more happily. “If you want to kill me, you must first break my skin. My skin has eighty-one layers. After breaking through, you have to destroy everything in my body, but the things in my live betting body are more powerful than my skin Too much, Zhenmo Tianzun managed to break my skin back then, but he couldn’t destroy my internal organs, couldn’t break my bones, do you rumble think you can do it?” Poison Beast Demon God laughed. Long Xueyi said: “This guy is right. His ugly body seems to have come from the highest world, the divine world, so it is very difficult to destroy it. Look at the surface of his physical body, it is fine now. It should also have the ability of self-healing!” “There is only one way, and that is to melt this guy with eclipse powder.” Su la liga Meiyao suddenly became excited, if Chen Xiang did something that Zhenmo Tianzun could not do, What an exhilarating thing that was. “I will use Qinglong first

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