The World-Proud Pill God Chapter 674 NetEnt Shenzi Msports Ambition

The silent little thief Wang Shengren deserves to be the Son of God. He has been valued by the Demon Suppressing Temple in the heavens. His strength is very strong. There is a force running around in Chen Xiang’s body. If he didn’t rely on the Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Kung Fu Slot Games to deal with the force that entered his body The berserk power inside. He might have exploded by now. “This kind of small tricks can’t scare me.” Wang Shengren waved Liverpool’s other hand, and was about to hit Shen Betway Xiang. But at this moment, several people suddenly appeared The old man. They stood behind Wang Shengren. They were menacing. One look at the servants on them. They were all elders of the Demon Conquering Academy. Chen Xiang’s old left BGaming Zhenxuan also felt it. He was not in the Demon Conquering Academy. Real power. But because he is very powerful, he can deter these elders. It didn’t take long for Chen Xiang to see his familiar face. The dean Man Futian also came. He tried to avoid Chen Xiang as much as possible. .Because he, Chen Xiang, is not an easy kid to mess with. The people standing behind Wang Shengren are all strong men who have survived the seven or eight calamities of Nirvana. But now Chen Xiang is not afraid at all. Although his strength is far inferior to These people. Evolution game, but these people did not dare Nairabet to just do anything to Chen Xiang casually. Because this is a matter of the juniors. If they, the strong ones, intervene, the strong behind Chen Xiang will not let it go.” I have to rely on helpers.” Chen Xiang sneered. Those onlookers saw the old guy Endorphina from the Falling Devil Academy appear. They can run as far as they can. If these Nirvana fighters fight, the consequences will be disastrous. The whole city will be destroyed That is also a very normal thing. Everyone chelsa can’t understand it. Because Chen Xiang, a person whose strength is not in Nirvana, would have such confidence to face it.

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