Ao Shi Dan Forebet God Surebet247 Chapter 644 Alchemy Spirit

After Chen Xiang learned about the upcoming alchemy competition, he would start sports betting. Fei. Speed. Chinese, Chinese, Net feels a lot of pressure, but he is not afraid at all. This is a good opportunity for him to improve, and it can improve his experience in using the evolution method. “The person with the best Nine Aperture Tempering Body Pill wins. The judge will be judged according to the quality and the number of pills produced, and the time is only limited to today!” Yan Zilan continued to talk about the rules. Among the twenty people, there were only three places to refine the Nine-Aperture Tempering Body Pill, which made everyone in Parimatch feel a lot of pressure. In order to let everyone understand the rules, Yan Zilan said again that among these people, Leap is probably Chen Xiang who has the greatest pressure on BetWinner, because he only knows how to refine one kind of mysterious high-grade alchemy so far, if he wants to obtain alchemy The final winner of the competition, he has to refine many kinds of elixirs that he has never refined in one breath, and he must succeed. The evolution method was born to allow the alchemist to succeed in refining rare medicinal materials at the first time. To use the evolution method well, one must improve by refining a variety of elixir that has never been refined before. “The three kinds of mysterious high-grade pills you want to refine are Soul-fixing Pill, Xiaohuaxing Pill, and Xuanyang Fire Pill. The medicinal materials are provided by us, so that LiveScore can better test your alchemy level, so Slot Games The quality of the medicinal materials Paripesa is slightly lower.” Although Yan Zilan said so, everyone guessed that it must be as bad as the medicinal materials of the Five Elements True Essence Pill just now. These rotten medicinal materials are of no value at all in the eyes of Shengdanmen, even if they are replaced by Jiuqiao Body Tempering Pill, but if it is in the ordinary martial arts world, Jiuqiao Body Tempering Pill can be auctioned. It doesn’t take long for Msports to confirm what everyone thinks, then

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