Alchemy God of Proud Betway Chapter 629 Betting Gift Sword

Please keep in mind) Please keep in mind man city) Please visit. Or Shen Xiang asked Du Hai to hide the reason for his return. Du Hai said at the time that only some old guys in the Du family knew about his return. During the time he left BGaming, Du Hai There was no major incident at home, so he had to consider retiring. \\wwW.uou.\\. Du Hai Liverpool also told Chen Xiang not to tell Du Yanyao and Du Kangsheng, so now that Chen Xiang saw Du Yanyao’s Endorphina, he didn’t say anything. “Didn’t you say you wanted to participate in the alchemy competition with me? Also, I said that you would practice with Zilan Tianji, hehe.” Chen Xiang laughed and said Premier League. “But your current situation is very dangerous. Although Chaos Mountain didn’t say anything, it will definitely pursue you. Then Guo Huaqing also has a piece of Chaos Fire Token…” Chen Xiang stretched his waist and said with a smile: “If I’m worried, I won’t I’ll be back, don’t worry!” He said, he took out Nairabet a fairy sword, which was obtained by Sportybet when he killed Zheng Chu, although it was an inferior fairy sword, compared to those treasures Much stronger. Seeing this sword that was gleaming with cold light and emitting a strong breath, Du Yanyao exclaimed: “I don’t know which famous master made this fairy sword!” Leap Chen Xiang laughed and said: “This is for you !” Du Yanyao couldn’t believe it, you must know that there are not many fairy artifacts here, and they are very expensive, much more expensive than some elixir, and for her who doesn’t even reach the flashscore of Nirvana, fairy artifacts are even more expensive. It’s rare, even if rumble makes him have a powerful father and grandfather, but at most she only has some powerful treasures. Chen Xiang also learned that there are relatively few craftsmen who can refine immortal weapons in the world of holy pills.

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