Parimatch Betting God Alchemy Chapter 614 Dragon Roaring Nine Heavens

How about Chen Xiang’s strength. ┌féEven Leap himself doesn’t know, because he just broke through, and others don’t even know, but he has the confidence to beat Xie Donghao. Although Xie Donghao has the terrifying martial art of killing demons, but Shen Xiang has cultivated a lot of magical and magical skills. Looking at the world of holy alchemy, there are not many people who have mastered many kinds of powerful magical and magical martial arts. On the competition stage, Xie Donghao’s eyes were filled with fierce light, he stared at Chen Xiang, his fists were clenched tightly, and hideous veins popped up on his forehead, he said word by word: “Chen Xiang, I won’t let you die easily.” While speaking, sound waves formed one after another, Chen Xiang only looked at Slot Games and saw that the space in front of him was shaken to the point of ripples, like ripples on the surface of calm water. “Here we come, quickly use the power of vibration to disperse the sound waves,” Bai Youyou shouted hastily. Chen Xiang’s palm trembled, and he struck at the incoming invisible sound wave void, the dragon power overflowed from the palm of his hand, and the vibrating power let out bursts of terrifying roars like ferocious beasts. The sound waves collided, stirring up a storm, the explosion of the sound waves and the roar of the vibration were mixed together, and the noise rolled into the ears, making people extremely uncomfortable. The storm stopped quickly, and many people were disheveled and ate a lot of dust. “Hum…” Xie Donghao saw that Chen Xiang was able to block his sudden sonic attack, which made him a little annoyed, but he still didn’t think that Chen Xiang could defeat him, and he had great confidence in his sonic killing skills. Following Xie Donghao’s cold snort, a more powerful sound wave struck violently like a tsunami, resounding like a thunderous impact

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