Liverpool Aoshidan Evolution Game God Chapter 584 Domineering Woman

Chen Xiang learned from Long Yuexueyi that the holy alchemy world is a world dominated by alchemists, and in the bottom layer of the holy alchemy world, he can see that many alchemists have many followers. The strength of followers varies, and there are even many followers who are stronger than their masters. Warrior Betting needs to rely on alchemists to gain strength. Of course, alchemy premier league masters are not weak. They carry more and stronger followers with them, just to show their identity and ability. Sometimes they will let their Compete with other alchemists’ followers. A martial artist who doesn’t know alchemy is very lucky to be able to become a live betting master of alchemy, otherwise he would have to work hard to find medicinal materials, then exchange them for crystals, and then buy expensive elixirs. In order to make their entourage stronger, those alchemists still have a lot of powerful martial arts in their hands, and they will let the entourage learn, so that the entourage Slot Games will be more determined to flashscore them. Slaves are worse than the fate of followers. In this world, people can be bought and sold at will. Chen Xiang just passed by a place dedicated to trading slaves. There are slaves, men, women and children, and their fate is very miserable. On the wide street, there are many pedestrians. Most of the people here are of the fire attribute. Chen Xiang sensed that many people’s fire attribute zhenqi is very pure. It can be seen that many people are doing alchemy, but there are no casino slots. Big achievement. Suddenly, a clear and cold voice came out from the front: “Get out of the way!” The people on the street immediately leaned to the two sides, with helpless expressions on their faces, it could be seen that they seemed to be used to such things, but Chen Xiang heard it again

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