World Proud Pill God Chapter 56affiliate9 Chapter 8 real madrid arm golden ape

The list is in Jiangmo Academy, and Shen Xiang discovered a strange phenomenon, that is, most of the students are only learning Jiangmojin, while other Jiangmo martial arts are not very powerful, except Jiangmojin Besides, he hadn’t seen anyone using strong demon-conquering martial arts in the Conquering Demon Academy. ┃Flying Speed≌ He once asked Long Xueyi to use the Immortal Wandering Nine Heavens to search the so-called Library Pavilion, but he didn’t find many demon-subduing martial arts inside. Even if there were, they were ordinary ones that Chen Xiang could often hear about, but he never Zuo Zhenxuan heard it before, that good magic-subduing martial arts are placed in a space floor. “These guys from the Slot Games of the Conquering Demon Academy hate me so much, but they still want to give me such a good opportunity to learn more powerful Conquering Demon martial arts. They have ulterior motives.” Chen Xiang murmured. “It must be to lure you out of the Conquering Demon Academy on purpose, and then kill you.” Su Meiyao said. “Eight-armed golden ape, I remember this kind of thing is quite powerful. Mysterious beasts are at level seven to level nine, and chelsa is equivalent to the strength of human beings at the hundred refinement level. It seems really uneasy and kind to let you deal with this kind of thing now. ” Bai Youyou said. Chen Xiang smiled: “The eight-armed golden ape seems to be traveling here and there. I can still deal with it. I think that someone will take advantage of my negligence and attack me secretly. If that’s the case, I will use the trick. They can kill me, and I can also kill them Paripesa!” At night, Chen Xiang turned into a bird, quietly flew away from the academy, and spent two days arriving at the place where the eight-armed golden ape appeared place. “Have you found that Livescore guy?” Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi. “Looking for it, it’s all big pieces

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