The World-Proud Alchemy God Endorphina Chapter 524 Paripesa Stealing the Soul (Part 1)

Automatically log in to the color matching poker: font size: Although Chen Xiang borrowed Long Xueyi’s power, at this moment, he felt that there was still some gap between himself and Liao Shaoyun. In the shock, the two couldn’t help themselves in order to avoid the recoil force The ground backed away. The mountain disappeared in an instant and was razed to the ground. After Chen Xiang landed on the ground, he only saw Liao Shaoyun’s messy hair and his face was full of shock. Because in the confrontation just now, he saw that Chen Xiang’s strength was not much worse than his. Last time, he witnessed Chen Xiang being injured by Zhong Quan, and he himself gave Chen Xiang a punch. At that time, Chen Xiang’s strength was not as terrifying as the flashscore of the Champions League, but now it’s only a few days. He jumped to a level that he couldn’t understand. Liao Shaoyun’s attack was very vicious. Slot Games was swift. Although he was surprised in his heart, his attack at this time became more fierce. From a distance, he punched Chen Xiang in the air, and his fist was like a huge electric light. The flying knives shot out like thousands of horses galloping like thousands of horses, with an incomparably shocking momentum, betting bursts of thunder rumble galloped towards Chen Xiang, watching the large expanse of lightning blades sweeping towards Chen Xiang like a huge wave. The heart trembled immediately, and the dragon power in Baccarat’s body slashed down towards the front with a sharp knife, only to see a blade light condensed by the dragon power meet the violent lightning that flew over, and rushed towards it with extremely violent power. Those lightnings prevented Chen Xiang from being hit by as many lightnings as a torrential rain. Two waves of the same powerful force collided together for another burst of force. The Lang tide generated by the collision of the premier league swept away in all directions, and those Nirvana warriors Evolution in the distance The movement of the game war was much more tragic than theirs, as if destroying the world, the whole sky was shrouded in dark clouds and bombarded

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